September 10, 2021 2 min read

Hiking is arguably one of the most enjoyed activities to do outdoors. It also comes with a string ofbenefits too: lets you exercise, gets you in-tuned with nature, and builds a sense of camaraderie with your travel buddies. However, this pleasurable activity can take a 180 degree turn for the worse if you have forgotten a few essentials at home.
The best way to ensure that you’d be a happy camper all throughout the trek is to be ready andpack properly. Here are a handful of tips: 

1.Plan ahead. Think of the stuff that you really need as well as the stuff that you might need. Make a list of those things starting from the most important to the least. Here are a few essentials that we suggest bringing: 
  • For Direction: maps, GPS, compass
  • For Sun protection: cap, lip balm, sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Clothing: jackets, gloves, underwear, other essentials (think layers)
  • Lights: flashlights, headlamps with extra batteries
  • For starting fire: matches and/or lighters
  • Knives, first aid kit, hydration system, bug spray, and sleeping bags/tents
2. Familiarize with theweather andelevation of your chosen terrain and pack accordingly. If you choose to hike on a hot and humid mountain, leave your cold-weather stuff behind. It’ll just add unnecessary weight to your backpack.

3. Do yourself a favor and reduce the weight that you have to carry by bringing dehydrated meals instead of bulky meats. Consider bringing calorie dense foods to keep your energy high during the hike. You’ll be sweating a lot, so make sure that you’ll pack food with sufficient salt content. You may pack granola bars, sausages, saltine crackers, peanut butter, Pop tarts, nuts, raisins, instant meals, and cookies for a treat! 

4. Shop for anappropriate sleeping bag that will cater to your needs. Choose sleeping bags that are ultralight and won’t have to break your back and the bank. ;) Hyke and Byke sleeping bags come with top of the line 400T Rip-Stop Polyester Fabric, heavy duty YKK zippers, grid designed baffles to retain heat evenly, 90/10 550 or 800 fill power premium quality duck or goose down to ensure extra loft and an amazing warmth-to-weight ratio! The bags are made with ultralight premium quality duck down filling (superior to synthetic) - nature's best light insulator with the highest warmth-to-weight ratio to beat the cold outdoor winter weather. 

5. Don’t forget your cameras for that instagrammable and breathtaking peak view! 

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