15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag | Hyke & Byke

If you are on a search for a reliable sleeping bag that will protect and keep you warm while sleeping in varying temperatures, a 15 degree down sleeping bag will make for the ultimate choice. Manufactured as three-season sleeping bags, the 15-degree bags in our collection provide sufficient insulation and warmth across three seasons. And, this bag performs exceptionally well when unpredictable temperature fluctuations occur on a single journey.

Hiking during the spring and fall months when temperatures shift unpredictably calls for a down insulated, highly functional, and exceptionally warm 15-degree sleeping bag. 

Providing superior warmth-to-weight ratio, the down filled 15-degree sleeping bags of our collection feature smart design to retain heat for sufficient insulation, water repellent hydrophobic fabrics for optimal moisture protection, and smart engineering to provide pleasant warmth at various temperatures.

Designed to show off exceptional down fill power while being ultralight and pack-able down to a conveniently small size, we are proud to present a range of reliable and convenient 15-degree sleeping bags that are honestly priced.

Not only that, but the affordable price also guarantees the best bang for your buck compared to other brands, while the multi-functionality of our product ensures a versatile sleeping bag suitable for all of your outdoor journeys. 

With individual fill power (FP) of 650 or 800, a 15-degree backpacking sleeping bag will keep your body warm enough to thrive at temperatures around 15°F. If you are not a fan of winter backpacking and camping, then a 15-degree bag should be sufficient to keep you warm and protected during the autumn and spring nights.

If you are expecting lower temperatures or personally need more insulation, you can check out our 0-degree sleeping bags. 


Multi-Functional 15 °F Sleeping Bags

All models in the Hyke & Byke 15-degree sleeping bags collection are manufactured to be ultralight with slight differences in weight and size for the benefit of extra comfort or functionality. Backpackers opting for a 15-degree sleeping bag can benefit from a comfortably warm sleeping experience if they anticipate temperatures around 30 to 50 degrees and stay sufficiently warm to survive at temperatures as low as 15 degrees.

If you are expecting higher temperatures, opt for a 20-degree sleeping bag that is even lighter. 

Featuring a slim-fit design, or better known as a mummy bag design, our sleeping bags are primarily tailored to keep you warm. The additional features included in all our products provide an adjustable fit that allows the user to enjoy extra comfort and use shoulder and zip baffles to ensure optimal warmth retention. 

If you want to enjoy an extra  feature that makes your bag extremely versatile, functional, and unique, you can explore the hammock-compatible sleeping bag model. The 15-degree hammock compatible bags unify elements of both mummy and rectangular bags to achieve smart design for extra comfort and maximum warmth, whether on or loosely hanging over the ground.

Backpackers can now enjoy safe and comfortable camping across three seasons in a camping tent or hammock-compatible camping bag with a single high-quality and reliable backpacking sleeping bag. 

Hyke & Byke 15-degree sleeping bags are available in three sizes - short, regular, and long. Models are either duck or goose down insulated, providing true warmth and light weight. You can purchase your preferred monochrome 15-degree sleeping bag in your favorite color, or choose from the five two-tone combinations available at your disposal.