0-Degree Down Sleeping Bag

With down being the warmest insulation fill available for sleeping bags, there is no doubt that when you are in need of a sleeping bag suitable for cold, winter temperatures you should opt for a down-filled sleeping bag or our 0-degree down sleeping bag. The superiority of a down fill over any other fill used for synthetic sleeping bags comes from the immense warmth it provides while being light and compressible.

Simply put, a down-filled sleeping bag provides a superior weight-to-warmth ratio, thus ensuring adequate insulation to keep you warm and protected. 

To demonstrate the full potential of down, we manufacture sleeping bags with sufficient fill power to perform exceptionally at temperatures as low as 0°F. Designed with high-quality water repellent material, the hydrophobic 0-degree sleeping bags in this collection offer immense protection in wet and snowy conditions.

Our smart engineering solutions have resulted in high-performing and versatile sleeping bag models, all with comfort and light weight as their primary features, regardless of the differences in design.

Ranging from 650 to 800 fill power (FP) each, a lightweight 0-degree down sleeping bag is made to keep you warm enough to survive at temperatures as low as 0°F. The Hyke & Byke 0-degree collection is designed to offer a great range of professional sleeping bags for backpackers camping in tents at very low temperatures and those that enjoy extra warmth on a cold night in the backcountry regardless of the season.  

Choosing a 0°F Sleeping Bag

With slight differences in weight and size, all Hyke & Byke 0-degree bags are manufactured to be ultralight and highly compressible, packing down to the smallest size possible. Featuring oversized shoulders and zipper baffles to retain maximum heat and offer adjustable fit for immense comfort, all 0-degree sleeping bags are a perfect representation of high-performing, warm, and reliable sleeping bags that are honestly priced and extremely affordable. 
A general specification for all 0-degree sleeping bag models is providing enough insulation to keep you warm enough to survive at 0 degrees, and comfortably warm from around 10 to 30 degrees, depending on individual needs. Differences in design serve to provide better insulation in extremely low temperatures or comfortable warmth for use across all four seasons.

If you are a backpacker that loves to be snug in a tight cocoon at night, try one of our mummy bags, which feature extra shoulder space and adjustable draw cords for maximum comfort and heat retention.

Our collection also features a hammock-compatible ultralight down sleeping bag, 0-degree option that is multi-functional, combining the best features of both a rectangular and mummy bag to offer extra room for comfort. Made with the highest quality water repellent materials, the hammock-compatible 0-degree models are made to keep a backpacker warm, dry, and protected whether sleeping in a camping tent on the ground or in a hammock.

Differing from a 20-degree sleeping bag, a 0-degree bag is primarily intended for lower temperatures but designed to serve users across all four seasons, mainly to those looking for comfortable warmth when opting for hammock camping.

Hyke & Byke 0-degree sleeping bags are insulated with duck or goose down and available in three sizes - short, regular, and long. Depending on the model you choose, there are either five solid colors or five two-tone color combinations available at your disposal.